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Common Misunderstandings, Fears, and Facts about ADHD and Distance Learning

The pandemic has dramatically changed our kid’s daily lives, and many parents are noticing new behaviors at home and during distance learning that can be tricky to understand. For example, distraction and hyperactivity that are commonly associated with ADHD may actually be the result of anxiety or challenges adjusting to online education. Schools typically give...

The Healing Power of Human Connection by Dr. Ken Ginsburg

The Power of Connection We raise our children to prepare them to ultimately stand on their own. But we also want them to understand that independent people often choose to share their lives with others. They make their own decisions and know that others’ ideas can shape their own. Let them grow to be self-reliant, but to value interdependence....

5 Tips For Managing Anxieties around Distance Learning

Back-to-school time is anxiety-inducing even without the backdrop of a global crisis. Many families have had to forego rituals like shopping for school supplies or school clothes, instead focusing on computer and internet access, figuring out distance learning platforms, and wondering whether you need to pack a lunch for your child, or whether you can...