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Living with Uncertainty—Returning to School Post Pandemic

It has been almost a year since we began to “shelter in place” to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities from COVID-19. It has been a year full of tragedy, loss, fear, and isolation as well as heroism, hope, innovation, and new experiences. Some children have been home with no one but their parents...

How to Foster a Healthy Relationship during the Pandemic

Relationships with our partners can be challenging, even in normal times. In almost every relationship, the pandemic has done some damage, either by exacerbating existing problems or opening new cracks in the relationship. There are multiple changes in most households, due to the pandemic. They include: Financial distress Too much free time together Lack of...

Blended Families and Pandemic Co-parenting

Family life is already complicated during normal circumstances, but the pandemic puts blended families and co-parenting situations on hyperdrive. I have one teen from a previous marriage,  and my partner has a tween and a teen. Included in our family are my ex-husband and his lovely new wife, and together we make a beautiful and...