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Service-Learning and Helping Teens Identify Their Values

Adolescence is by definition a tumultuous time in one’s life. This is likely especially true now, given academic, social, and psychological pressures that are even more compounded than usual by the COVID-19 pandemic. Young people have lost a measure of independence, according to Dr. Ken Ginsburg, expert for the Center for Children and Youth, at...

Bring Back the Playpen and Lock the Bathroom Door! 5 Simple Steps Toward Self-Care for Parents

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Over 70% of U.S. moms say that mothering is “incredibly stressful” and now the pandemic has intensified this pressure. Studies also show that chronically stressed parents tend to be more insensitive to their kids’ needs, and that a parent’s ability to manage their own stress is a strong predictor of...

Supporting Our Children During Turbulent Times

As we watch the news unfold, remember that our kids are watching us. Children expect adults in their lives to provide protection and security. When current events are disturbing or worrisome to us, children may pick up on our emotional cues and respond behaviorally. This can look like an increase in challenging behaviors, talking back, withdrawing, or crying more easily. As parents, we may...