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Teaching Your Child to Process Their Big Emotions

From the moment children are born, they express themselves through emotional reactions. Babies cry or fuss when they are uncomfortable, upset, or have an unmet need, and keep crying until a parent can figure out how to soothe them. It’s not uncommon to see parents bouncing, patting, or singing to their babies; these efforts to...

Raising Resilient Kids by Encouraging Appropriate Risk-Taking

One of the hardest but most rewarding aspects of parenthood is knowing that you’re not just raising a child – you’re raising a future adult. The traits that make adults successful in their relationships and goals—honesty, kindness, empathy—are built during childhood. Resiliency is an especially important characteristic to start building from a young age. We...

Peninsula Private Elementary School Booklet 2021 – 2022

Learn more about Parents Place and browse 2021 – 2022 school year information from more than 40 Bay Area peninsula-region private elementary...