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A Great School Year Starts During the Summer

Whether you’ve been counting down the days until school starts or you never want summer to end, the reality is, that first day comes no matter what. Regardless how you feel about it, the transition out of “summer mode” and back to the school routine is rarely seamless. You can’t predict everything, but you can...

Activities to Help You Make the Most of Summer

July can be a bittersweet month. All of a sudden, the start of a new school year doesn’t feel that far away. That can be a relief—school is a predictable routine that parents rely on—but can also be a reminder of all the summer plans you haven’t gotten to yet. Don’t panic. There is still...

Be Gentle with Yourself: Advice for Parents Struggling after Tragedy

Traumatic events like a school shooting leave parents feeling fear, anger, and anxiety. Processing these emotions while continuing to care for your child is not easy. We reached out to Dr. Alicia Lieberman, Director of the Child Trauma Research Program at the UCSF Department of Psychiatry and a member of the CCY Expert Panel, to...