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Ten Ways to Ease Reluctant Children Outdoors

The many benefits of time outdoors for people of all ages are well documented. Numerous studies show that time in nature impacts every area of child development—physical, psychological, intellectual, social, and emotional. Of course, those who spend even a little time outdoors don’t need studies to tell them about its healing properties, and many of...

What Do You Say During Conflict Moments with Children?

When parents and children enter into a power struggle, two things happen. The thinking brain goes to sleep because apparently it is conflict-avoidant. And the emotional brain has to take over operations. Both people immediately stop listening to the other’s point of view. And the conversation may regress to a more primitive form of communication...

Beyond Sibling Rivalry

The sink is plugged, the car has a flat tire, and Melinda needs help with a school project due tomorrow. On top of that, the kids haven’t stopped fighting and your headache is getting worse. Sound familiar? Sibling conflict is one of the dynamics parents wish we could do without. Why can’t they just get...