Growing guidance:
Support for tweens, teens, and adolescents

The Center for Children and Youth offers a range of services specifically geared towards the unique challenges of raising tweens and teens. We provide parenting workshops, family consultation services, and child therapy for a wide range of developmental and behavioral questions and concerns. Our workshops for parents, teachers, and school communities address a wide variety of issues specific to the middle and high school age youth. Workshop leaders draw upon the latest research on effective communication, risky behaviors, vaping, technology addiction, bullying, ADHD, and the additional challenges of raising special needs children.

We partner with schools to offer evidence-based, professional workshops on topics including:

  • Friendships in Middle School: Volatility and Emotional Stability
  • Letting Go: Independence for Tweens and Teens
  • Digital Middle School: The Connected Culture of Tweens and Teens
  • Screen and Family Life: A Primer for Parents and Teens Together
  • Burnout to Balance: Creating a Healthy Work/Life Balance for Your Family
  • Romance of Risk: Talking with Teens about Risky Behaviors and Responsible Decisions
  • Breaking the Cycle of Bullying: Youth and Adults Together
  • Navigating the Special Education System
  • Special Needs Inclusion: Mainstreaming Experiences and Finding your Place in the Community