Supporting all aspects of learning, in and around the classroom

By partnering with schools, parents, and other professionals, our team supports the academic, social, and emotional aspects of learning. Our coordinated services combine educational and therapeutic approaches.

We conduct school-based observations to look at the learning, social, and emotional behaviors of your child during classroom time, recess, lunch, transitions, and other social activities. Our observations and recommendations are always reviewed with parents first. Then, we collaborate with parents, school personnel, and other professionals to best support each child’s unique needs.

If your child struggles with:
  • Academic self-esteem and motivation
  • Social skills in the classroom setting
  • Attention, organizational, and study skills
  • Language processing or sensory processing
  • School and test anxiety
  • Reading, writing, and math challenges
  • Special needs in the mainstream classroom
We provide:
  • One-on-one educational therapy
  • Home-based assessment and consultation
  • School consultations to communicate effectively with personnel
  • School placement and transitions consultation
  • ADHD coaching and support for students with learning differences
  • Development and support of academic accommodation plan
  • Participation in the IEP process/504 process/SST process
  • Clarification of eligibility criteria for school-based services ensured by California Special Education law
Raina came to Parents Place for help with her son and she has been thrilled with the changes her family has experienced.