Building resilient and supportive educational communities.

Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team offers guidance and comprehensive support for teachers, parents, and students to ensure that every child has the resources to reach their full potential.

We offer expert resources tailored for all ages:

teacher and students

Teacher Professional Development

From behavior management to mental health, we give educators the tools to support children with the latest evidence-based strategies.

Workshop topics include:

  • Managing Challenging Behaviors
  • Increasing Social Skills / Empathy / Inclusion
  • Optimizing Classrooms to Minimize Distractions
  • Enhancing School Success with ADHD
  • Improving Parent-Teacher Communication
teacher and students

Parent Education and Coaching

We focus on building secure parent-child relationships while raising healthy and resilient children. We help parents handle transitions, discipline, and emotional development with confidence through parenting workshops, support groups, individual parent consultations, and family therapy.

Learn more about our resources for parents:

Services for Students

We help students in the classroom and beyond. Our goal is to facilitate appropriate and supportive interventions for each child, while providing resources to both teachers and parents. Our clinicians can observe students within the classroom environment to minimize disruptions, promote cooperative behavior, and develop individualized strategies that promote success at school.