A strong start:
Building a solid foundation for life

The Center for Children and Youth offers individually adapted consultations to  teachers, classrooms, and entire schools. Our specialists partner with school staff to address challenges in development, learning, behavior, and socialization. Our goal is to facilitate appropriate and timely interventions for each child. We observe children and teachers in the classroom environment and strategize with educators and administrators to better meet the needs of all children. Our expert staff also work with parents, providing them with parenting support and information about resources and referrals for services.

Working in partnership with teachers, administrators, and parents, we offer evidence-based strategies for:

  • Brain Development and Resiliency
  • Empathy, Social Skills, and Inclusion
  • Positive Guidance and Effective Discipline
  • Aggressive Behaviors, Impulsivity, and Self-Regulation Challenges
  • Developmental Concerns

“Parents Place has been a wonderful resource for our preschool. We often rely on them to provide us with an extra set of professional eyes and guidance to help our teachers and parents better understand and support individual children and their social and emotional development.”  — Marissa, Preschool Founder

Our workshops for parents and teachers address multiple issues that arise in both the home and school environment, including:

  • Discipline 101: The Power of the Positive
  • Bedtime Blues: Solving Sleep Issues
  • Bye-Bye Diapers: Toilet Learning
  • Motivating Children without Rewards
  • Hitting, Biting, Pushing-Managing Aggressive Behavior in Young Children
  • Turning No into Yes: Encouraging Cooperative Behavior in Children