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Whether you’re facing a phase like the “terrible twos” or a long-term change like divorce, there will be times when you just don’t know what to do. No matter what your style of parenting or desired outcome, our parent coaches bring their many years of experience to help you navigate your family’s tough moments 

We meet wherever it’s convenient for you: via phone, video call, or in-person in San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, or Palo Alto.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is a collaborative process between an experienced parent coach and you. Coaches provide a safe space for you to explore your concerns, identify strengths, and develop effective parenting strategies tailored to your family’s dynamics.

If you want to build positive relationships with your children, improve your communication skills, and manage challenging behaviors, parent coaching can help. Our parent coaches will help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them, providing ongoing support along the way.

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What Does a Parent Coach Do?

A parent coach provides clear, immediate strategies to address whatever you are grappling with. We take the time to get to know your family history, dynamics, and values, then create a roadmap just for you.

A parent coach can also provide a unique partnership throughout your parenthood journey, helping you identify long-term goals and address desired areas of change.

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How Can Parent Coaching Help Me?

Still wondering how coaching for parents works? Here are just a few examples of how our parent coaches might approach some common parenting challenges:

Establishing healthy routines

Creating consistent routines can be one of the most important strategies for improving your family life. Our parent coaches can provide:

  • Tips for creating a consistent daily routine for your child
  • Strategies for implementing healthy habits like exercise and screen time limits
  • Creating a healthy sleep routine for children of different ages
  • Creating a healthy mealtime routine that includes healthy food choices and family meals
  • How to establish and stick to a homework routine for your child

Sleeping, eating, and toileting challenges

Overwhelmed by battles over sleep, mealtimes, and toileting? Our coaches and sleep consultants can offer: 

  • Tips for tackling bedtime battles and creating a consistent sleep routine
  • Strategies for picky eaters and creating healthy mealtime habits
  • How to help your child with toileting challenges like bedwetting or potty training
  • Strategies for managing sleep and eating challenges in children with sensory processing difficulties
  • Dealing with sleep, eating, and toileting challenges in children with ADHD or other developmental disorders

Tantrums and aggressive behaviors

Our parent coaches have seen it all–including challenging tantrums and aggressive behaviors. A few of the ways wecan help include:  

  • Understanding the root causes of tantrums and aggressive behaviors in children
  • Strategies for managing and preventing tantrums and aggressive behaviors
  • Positive discipline techniques that promote good behavior
  • Supporting children in developing emotional regulation skills
  • Strategies for dealing with aggressive behavior in children with ADHD or other behavioral disorders

Developmental milestones and concerns

All children develop at their own pace and no two children are alike, but if you have concerns about your child’s development, our parent coaches can help you with: 

  • Understanding typical developmental milestones and how to support your child’s development
  • Identifying potential developmental delays and when to seek professional help
  • Strategies for supporting children with developmental delays or disabilities
  • Coping with the emotional challenges of parenting a child with special needs
  • Resources and support for parents of children with developmental concerns

ADHD and impulse control

Our parent coaches have extensive experience supporting parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. In addition to providing education on avoiding common misunderstandings about ADHD, we can also help with:

  • Understanding ADHD and how it affects impulse control and behavior
  • Strategies for managing ADHD symptoms and promoting good behavior
  • Creating a structured and consistent routine for children with ADHD
  • Helping children with ADHD develop emotional regulation skills
  • Supporting children with ADHD in school and social settings

Learning struggles

Seeing your child struggle in school can be alarming, butour Parent Coaches can offer support in:

  • Identifying learning difficulties and seeking professional help
  • Implementing strategies to support children with learning difficulties at home and at school
  • Creating a supportive and structured learning environment for your child
  • Understanding the impact of anxiety and ADHD on learning difficulties
  • Working with teachers and school professionals to support your child’s learning

Highly sensitive or spirited children

Highly sensitive or spirited children pose their own parenting challenges. Our parent coaches can assist you with:

  • Understanding the characteristics of highly sensitive or spirited children
  • Strategies for supporting and nurturing these children’s unique needs
  • Coping with the challenges of parenting a highly sensitive or spirited child
  • Helping your child develop emotional regulation skills and coping strategies
  • Finding resources and support for parents of highly sensitive or spirited children


Is your child exhibiting signs of anxiety? Unsure if they are experiencing problematic vs. normal anxiety? We can assist with:

  • Understanding anxiety in children and how it affects behavior and emotional well-being
  • Strategies for managing and preventing anxiety in children
  • Creating a supportive and reassuring home environment 
  • Helping children develop coping strategies and emotional regulation skills
  • Seeking professional help for children with severe anxiety or anxiety disorders

Building friendships and social skills

If your child has been experiencing bullying or having difficulty making friends, our parent coaches are here for you! We can guide you through:

  • Helping children develop social skills and build friendships
  • Strategies for managing social anxiety and shyness in children
  • Supporting children in navigating social situations like playdates and school events
  • Helping children develop empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Finding resources and support for parents of children with social difficulties

Choosing a new preschool or elementary school

Struggling with the decision of where to send your child to school? Our parent coaches can help with:

  • Knowing the factors to consider when choosing a preschool or elementary school
  • Understanding different educational philosophies and how they align with your values
  • Strategies for researching and evaluating potential schools
  • Preparing your child for the transition to a new school and making new friends
  • Working with teachers and school professionals to support your child’s success

Parental separation and divorce

Separation and divorce can be a trying time for any family, but you don’t have to face it alone. Kids often need help adjusting to separation or divorce and our parent coaches can assist with:

  • Understanding the emotional impact of separation and divorce on children
  • Strategies for supporting children during the transition to a new family dynamic
  • Coping with the emotional challenges of co-parenting
  • Helping children develop healthy coping skills and emotional regulation strategies
  • Finding resources and support for parents going through separation or divorce.

Blended families

When family dynamics change, many children find it difficult to adjust. Our expert parent coaches are here to help you with: 

  • Understanding the challenges of blended families and navigating complex family dynamics
  • Strategies for building positive relationships between step-parents, step-siblings, and biological parents
  • Supporting children in adjusting to a new family structure
  • Managing conflicts and disagreements between family members
  • Finding resources and support for parents and children in blended families.

“You listened to our history, asked questions to get a sense of our parenting style and family dynamics, and then proceeded to make the best recommendation we ever heard. Thank you for helping us see our potential as parents. It will make a difference for our kids.”

—Dave and Jonah, parents of two

Our Parent Coaches

CCY’s parent coaches have decades of experience and bring deep knowledge of the challenges facing parents today. Their expertise covers everything from newborns to the teen years, and as part of CCY’s interdisciplinary team they can connect you with additional support when it’s needed.

Our confidential and in-depth intake process will match you with the right person for your unique family. There is no question too trivial and no challenge too great!


“We read books and consulted other experts, but none of the other approaches worked. You took the time to understand our daughter, dig deep, and pinpoint the source of the problem. With your advice, the change in behavior soon followed, and it was nothing short of astounding. Thank you!”

—Laura, mother of three

Whatever your goals for your family are, those are our goals too. Reach out to us any time.