Whether you’ve been counting down the days until school starts or you never want summer to end, the reality is, that first day comes no matter what. Regardless how you feel about it, the transition out of “summer mode” and back to the school routine is rarely seamless. You can’t predict everything, but you can set your family up for school year success with the actions you take before, during, and after the first day.

Before the First Day:

  • Plan to return from any out-of-town travel at least one week before the start of school.
  • Start the routine. Introduce an earlier bedtime, have everyone ready at the right time in the morning, setup screentime rules, etc. If you’re adjusting aspects of the summer schedule, it’s good to give kids some time to get used to the change.

On the First Day:

  • Ask your child how they’re feeling and normalize whatever response they give. Are they excited? Nervous? Both? Reassure them that they aren’t alone in those emotions.
  • Expect the unexpected. There’s no way to predict every moment. Traffic may make you late, or you may have trouble finding the classroom. Stay calm. You have the rest of the year to get it right.

After the First Day:

  • Allow your child 30 – 45 minutes of transition time when they get home. They can get a snack, change clothes, and “land” in their space before starting the next thing.
  • Set up a routine that sets up time for schoolwork, dinner, and a story or downtime before bed. Try to have at least one parent present at dinner when possible – it’s often when kids share the most!

If you need more support with the school year transition, we are here for you. Reach out anytime by calling 1-888-927-0839 or contacting us here.