Parenting is notoriously deemed both one of the toughest and the most important jobs. For families created through adoption, a range of unique challenges frequently arise throughout a child’s identity development. Whether you find yourself puzzled with how to answer your child’s questions about adoption or understand how your child’s behaviors may connect to their adoption, it can feel overwhelming and isolating without a community that truly understands.

“Many parents say that their greatest source of help comes from getting together with some other people who are doing similar parenting,” according to Deborah Gray in her book, Attaching in Adoption. Gray adds that “finding parents who have children with similar challenges, which require similar parenting approaches, makes a difference in feeling understood and in battling isolation.”

Parents Place is excited to launch a new monthly support group for post-adoptive parents to meet, connect, and collaborate together.

Here are 5 important reasons to join an adoptive parenting support group:

  1. You can widen your network of social support and make new friends.
  2. You can gain empathy, validation, and vent your frustrations with people who will get it.
  3. You can gain ideas, tools, and solutions to problems from others who have been there (or are right there with you).
  4. You can build a community of adoptive families and consider scheduling play dates for your children to also benefit from new connections.
  5. You can share resources, exchange advocacy ideas, or pass along strategies that you have tried.

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Ellie Pelc, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist at Parents Place in San Francisco.