Parent / Child Groups

Connecting with your child, while you learn

Parent/Child Activity Groups and Baby Groups are an excellent way for parents to spend quality time with their young child, promote healthy development and growth, and get answers for their parenting questions. The American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.” Visit our Workshops page to sign-up and filter for “Expectant and New Parents.”

Ask the Lactation Consultant 

Bring your questions and concerns about feeding your baby to Cherie Tannenbaum, FNP, IBCLC in the privacy of your home on ZOOM to ensure that breastfeeding is successful, comfortable, and pleasurable. Learn strategies to help you maximize your milk supply, respond to your baby’s hunger cues, and help your baby latch on effectively.

Baby & Me (Pre-crawlers) 

Explore child development in the pre-crawling stage of life. We will talk about all things baby: feeding, sleeping, developmental milestones, baby’s “schedule”, post-partum recovery including anxiety and depression and any other questions you bring to the group!

Baby and Me: Ready to Move (6 – 12 months)

Join other parents and Cherie Tannenbaum, FNP, IBCLC to discuss playing with your child, how to encourage independent play, managing work from home, safety, starting solids, sleep (baby’s and yours!) and changing family dynamics.

2nd & 3rd Time Moms

Discuss the joys and challenges of parenting more than one child and how to help toddlers/preschoolers adjust to a new member of family. Learn strategies for managing changing family dynamics, sibling issues like cooperation and sharing, developmental milestones for babies and toddlers, and finding time for yourself. We will cover feeding and sleep issues, ideas for meaningful home activities, and managing the needs of everyone in the family during the pandemic.