In other breaking news, plants and humans need oxygen, water and sunlight to survive. Did we really need a report from the UK Government Department of Education (whew it’s not just US) to reveal the correlation between a lack of discipline and anti-social behavior? Wait, so “critical and inconsistent parents who don’t set rules or examples of good behavior are twice as likely to have aggressive and disruptive children?” What a crazy, unpredictable world we live in.

This ground-breaking study goes on to show “that ‘harsh and inconsistent’ discipline is breeding a generation of young children with anger management problems, poor attention spans and low levels of literacy.” I could have saved these guys the trouble of doing all this research by taking them to my local Target. (Think of all the Bounty and Pantene we could have bought with the leftover cash!) Another related article blames “modern parenting” for the fact that, “Young children who are not disciplined from an early age are more likely to grow into angry, anti-social teenagers.” Yikes. No pressure though.

But seriously folks, the correlation here shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. The study explains that negative parenting “included a failure to adequately supervise children, inconsistent approaches to discipline and the use of smacking and other physical punishments.” I think I learned and fully understood the phrase “monkey see monkey do” when I was like eight — and I grew up in the Midwest! I’m sure you folks who grew up closer to waves can wrap your intellectually superior minds around this whole concept that neglecting and abusing our children is not really in their best interest. Drawing this conclusion is not rocket-science, but as we know, the task of parenting is by no means easy or formulaic.

Thankfully for our friends across the pond, the findings from this earth-shattering study suggest the need for more parenting programs. Crazy concept: the government helping its citizens’ families, I know. One can only hope that our nation can find such time and resources for similar priorities (Ha!). [not holding breath]

In the meantime, while ours are still young and impressionable, I will take this opportunity to cut and paste from a familiar website’s homepage:

I can help you cultivate a lifelong relationship with your child rooted in genuine trust, honest communication, and mutual respect. I specialize in helping parents set limits and creating a supportive environment in your home. As your parenting consultant, I will make it less stressful and more enjoyable for you. Your child will flourish to his/her fullest potential.

If not for yourself or your family, then for our country [cue God Bless America], contact us today to set up an appointment or to learn more. Let’s see what some “positive parenting” can do for our kids. “Land that I love, Stand beside her, and guide her…”