On May 7th, the Center for Children and Youth (CCY) was honored to share our clinical expertise at the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies’ PowerNet conference in Pittsburgh, PA. CCY’s clinical directors Ellie Pelc, PsyD, and Karen DeVaney, PsyD, presented to service providers from around the country on our successful implementation of the SPACE treatment intervention, developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center.

SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) is an evidence-based treatment that equips parents with tools and strategies to help their children manage anxiety more effectively. As one of the few providers offering this intervention in a multi-family group format, CCY has seen remarkable results since launching SPACE to meet increased demand for childhood anxiety support after the pandemic.

Dr. DeVaney and Dr. Pelc highlighted the inspiring outcomes that we have seen in our community since launching our group-based SPACE programs:

  • 85% of participants reported that their children seem more confident and better able to cope with anxiety since their parents completed the program.
  • Crucially, 100% said they now feel better prepared to deal with their child’s anxiety in the long term and have acquired more coping tools.

In comparison to individual-based SPACE interventions, the mutual support that parents experienced in CCY’s group-based programs was invaluable. As one parent shared:

“This has been such a useful intervention…It’s helped me set boundaries and introduce healthy discipline/structure. I feel like there have been growth opportunities for my child that I’ve avoided, for fear of conflict. But now I’m thinking about ways to help her with new difficult things.”

By taking an empowering, family-focused approach, SPACE equips parents to help their children thrive. CCY’s clinicians have become leading national experts in this innovative treatment model and were pleased to share their knowledge and collaborate with other human services agencies at PowerNet.

We’re excited to offer our fall 2024 SPACE cohort (starting September 10) to local families seeking ways to support their child with strategies to manage anxiety. Visit ccy.jfcs.org/space to learn more.