With its relaxed atmosphere and ample free time, Summer offers several key benefits to starting therapy for children and teens:

Consistency and Support

During the summer break, our usual daily routines and schedules change. This can be hard for kids and teens who rely on structure to feel calm. Therapy in the summer provides a regular appointment each week, giving them support and a consistent routine to rely on during this less structured time.

Learning New Skills

Therapy isn’t just for when things are tough. It’s also a chance to learn new skills and become more resilient. With the extra time in summer, therapy can focus on developing a coping toolkit for the times when challenges may feel overwhelming. This way, kids, teens, and parents can feel more confident in facing tough situations in the future.

Reflection and Preparation

Summer break gives us a chance to look back on the past school year and think about what went well and what we want to change. In therapy, kids and teens can talk about their successes, challenges, and concerns. They can also discuss things like friendships, family relationships, stress, and personal growth—all of which helps them prepare for the new school year.

Improving Family Relationships

While summer is supposed to be fun, sometimes it can also bring more stress and tension within families. Therapy can help families work through these challenges and improve their relationships. It provides a safe place to talk and find solutions together, making the summer break a more enjoyable time for everyone.

Enjoying Summer Activities

Summer is full of exciting activities like camps and trips. But some kids may experience these activities as over-stimulating, or even scary. Therapy in the summer can help a child prepare and feel more comfortable in these situations.

Starting therapy in the summer has many benefits: it offers kids consistency, support, and the ability to develop the skills needed to handle new challenges. In short, starting therapy during this season can be transformative.

Take advantage of the summer break to prioritize your child’s mental well-being and lay the foundation for a successful year ahead. Our experienced child therapists are here for you and your family, contact us today to get started.